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Water Taste/Odor


The City of Auburn is aware of taste and odor complaints with our public water. Customers have noticed a musty, earthy often disagreeable taste and smell in the City’s water. This is due to a harmless algae bloom at the lake source . The taste and odor does NOT affect the safety of your drinking water.
The City of Auburn purchases all of our water from the Otter Lake Water Commission. Once purchased, we monitor the water for bacteria, disinfection by-products, and lead and copper on a regular basis. If our water is ever found to be unsafe the public would be immediately notified. The City’s drinking water meets or exceeds all local, state and federal drinking water standards.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we deal with this current taste and odor issue. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Otter Lake Water Commission at 965-1566.

City of Auburn Accepting Applications for Animal Control Officer

The City of Auburn is accepting applications for the position of Animal Control Officer. The position is as needed no set hours, the successful candidate will be available for call outs Monday – Friday 9:00am – 3:00pm and occasionally on weekends or evenings. You must have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record and pass a criminal background. Applications may be picked up in person at the Auburn Police Department and returned no later than Monday June 8th at 8:00am.

Auburn Police Department Accepting Applications for Full Time Officer

The Auburn Police Department is accepting applications for the position of full time police officer. You must be at least 21 years of age, pass a background check including finger prints and drug screening, have a high school diploma, and a valid driver’s license. The successful applicant will have computer, communication, problem solving, and multi-tasking skills. The perfect candidate will be honest, ethical, fair, and willing to assist all citizens as well as enforcing state, federal, and municipal laws. Benefits, salary, and residency are set by union contract. Applications may be picked up or downloaded from the city website and must be returned no later than June 15th at 8:00am. Applicants that have not completed the Illinois Basic Law Enforcement Class must be able to meet the required physical fitness standards set by the State of Illinois for entry into the academy.

Utility Office Updates and Reminders


(all information is also posted in the City Office and online at                                                                                                                   

                                                              Effective Now                                             
 Residents now have the option to receive their monthly utility bills via mail or e-mail.
 E-Statements allow the City Office to e-mail a resident’s monthly utility bill to an e-mail address of their choice. If enrolling in the e-statements, utility bills will no longer be mailed.
 If a resident chooses to enroll to receive e-statements, they must complete an e-statement enrollment form which can be found in the City Office or online at
 All e-statement enrollment forms must be signed and returned to the City Office before enrollment begins.

                                                        Effective May 1, 2015

Utility Deposit Fees
Applicants for utility service must still apply in person to the city office and shall now pay the city a deposit of ($75.00) for water utility service, ($75.00) for sewer utility service, and a deposit of ($150.00) for gas utility service at the time they make application for utility service.

Shut Off Policy Update (Reconnection After Disconnection)
The SHUT OFF DATE for any resident who fails to remit a timely payment, will result in utilities being turned off on the 10TH of each month. If the 10TH should fall on a weekend or holiday, the shut off day will be the next business day following the weekend or holiday.

NOTE: **Shut off notices will no longer be sent out to residents who fail to pay their utility bill prior to the end of the month.

Utility services that have been disconnected for non-payment of a bill will still be subject to a reconnection fee. The new reconnection fee are as follows:

If reconnected on weekdays during business hours of 7:30 am to 3:45 pm $25.00

If reconnected after business hours $100.00 (CASH ONLY – paid at Police Department)

If reconnected on a holiday or weekend $150.00
(CASH ONLY – paid at Police Department)

DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS (7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.)
A.) Pay outstanding bill, which includes 10% penalty fee;
B.) Pay turn on fee in the amount of $25.00; and,

AFTER HOURS – CASH ONLY – paid at police department
A.) Pay outstanding bill, which includes 10% penalty fee;
B.) Pay turn on fee in the amount of $100.00

WEEKENDS/HOLIDAYS – CASH ONLY – paid at the Police Department
A.) Pay outstanding bill, which includes 10% penalty fee;
B.) Pay a turn-on fee in the amount of $150.00

Should a turn-off seal be found broken or tampered with or occupants are using the service in any way, an additional penalty of $100.00 will be charged pursuant Section 2, Chapter 24-49-1 of the Code of the City of Auburn and you could be subject to arrest for theft of service.

Bad Check Update
If a check is returned to the city office due to non-sufficient funds, an individual will now have (3) business days to reconcile the utility in arrears. Payment for non-sufficient funds must be paid in cash and will be processed as follows:
 Payment of all amounts due and owing, (which includes a 10% penalty fee – if NSF check was written after the utility bill due date); and,
 Payment of a $25.00 service charge for an NSF check.

If payment is not made to reconcile the account in arrears in (3) business days, the utilities will be disconnected and a reconnection fee will be applied (amount based upon the time in which the utility is turned back on). In addition to the outstanding bill, a $25.00 service charge for the NSF check will be applied (plus a 10% penalty fee if the NSF check was written for the utility bill after the actual due date).

If reconnected on weekdays during business hours of 7:30 am to 3:45 pm $25.00

If reconnected after business hours $100.00 (CASH ONLY – paid at Police Department)

If reconnected on a holiday or weekend $150.00
(CASH ONLY – paid at Police Department)

Zoning Application Fee Increase
An application fee for an amendment, special use, or variation to a property shall be assessed a fee of $300.00, plus the cost of legal publication.

The individual(s) requesting the application will be invoiced the cost of the legal publication and payment is to be made immediately.

                                          Effective May 15, 2015

Late Filing Fee for Temporary Liquor Permit Increase
The late filing fee for a temporary liquor permit will be $50.00

Viewing and Paying Utility Bills Online
Beginning with the May billing, residents will be able to view and pay their utility bill online. A link will be made available online and a resident would simply create a username and password to access their account. Upon initial sign up, each resident will need the property address located on the bill as well as the account number. Access to this service will allow residents to view their bills, review consumption, as well as see previous payments made to the account as well as make payments to the bill online, if needed. Please visit the Auburn website for more information (