Below are some frequently asked questions. If your question does not appear below please feel free to contact us at the City Utility Office (217) 438-6151.

I am putting up a fence. Do I need a building permit?
Who do I call if I smell gas in or around my home?
Is there a leash law in Auburn?
Can I park across sidewalks?
Is there a limit on the size of vehicle that can park on the streets?
Can I park a vehicle along the street if the vehicle does not run?
What am I allowed to burn on my property?
There is a hole in the street by my property, can I fill it with rock?
What is the speed limit on city streets?
Can I put our portable basketball hoop on the street?
Can I landscape around my gas meter?
Who do I call if I am having sewer problems?
I have a swimming pool to fill but I don’t want to pay the sewer fee?
Where can I view the city ordinances?
Do I have to maintain the ditch since it is on city property?
I trimmed the trees in my yard, will the city pick up the limbs?
What do I do if I think my water bill is too high?
Can I hook my sump pump or storm drains into the sanitary sewer?
How do I reduce my natural gas usage?