Budget Payment Plan


  1. This is available to customers who have lived at their residence a minimum of (1) year
  2. The plan starts in May of each year.
  3. Calls are accepted in March, April and May in order to have an account(s) calculated for a budget bill amount. If you are on the plan, you do not need to contact the city office and office staff will automatically recalculate the total for the new year.
  4. An amount is calculated based on the previous (12) months usage and projects rates for the coming year. IT IS AN ESTIMATED AMOUNT.
  5. A letter is sent to all budget bill customers with the May bill. If an individual chooses to go on the plan, they will begin paying the budget bill amount with the May bill (due on May 31st). If an individual chooses not to go on the budget bill plan after further consideration, they will just be required to pay the actual amount of the bill.

If usage is more than predicted, rates are higher than expected, or payments are not made as agreed, the budget plan payments may not cover the bills through the entire winter. If the actual bill is more than the budget plan amount, then the actual amount of the bill must be paid.

Any credit that remains at the end of the budget plan year is used to reduce the next year’s amount. No refunds are issued. If you choose to go off the budget payment plan, any credit left on the account may be used at any time.