The City of Auburn is proud to welcome any new business and supports those businesses currently have in town.  We take pride in the value that these businesses bring to our community.
ALL NEW BUSINESSES  will want to register  with the City Office. Download the business registration form. Once the form is completed please submit it to the City Utility Office.

If you have any corrections to your business information listed on our website, please contact the city utility office with the details.

If you would like, we will send a member of the City Council to participate in a Grand Opening for your business.


The City of Auburn offers the following Incentives to new businesses under Section 19 1/2-10 of the Auburn Code

Every retail or wholesale business, business office, manufacturing or industrial plant which establishes itself for the first time in Auburn shall be entitled to the following:
1. A waiver of any gas or water tap fees due under section 24-41;
2. A waiver of any sewer permit and inspection fee due under section 21 1/2-102; and,
3. A rebate, to the extent allowed by law, of all sales tax revenues received by the city derived from the new business during its first twelve (12) months of operation within the city.

Business Listing

A complete list of businesses within the City of Auburn can be found here.

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