February Utility Bills

Almost 900 upgraded water meters have been installed within the city, which is about half of our total accounts. Meters began being upgraded January 11th and have continued even through this week February 8-12th.

Once water installation upgrades are completed, upgraded gas meters will be installed.

City of Auburn utility bills are in the process of being sent out that will be due at the end of February. For those customers whose water meter has been changed out, the bill will reflect the following:

EXAMPLE: 2 sets of water readings will be listed

Readings Previous Reading (01/04/21) Present: Reading on old meter right before changeout
Previous Reading: date of changeout (meter reading started at 0)Present Reading: date city read meters for Jan (2/2/21)

Two different totals are then added together to calculate what the full monthly usage was from January 4th to February 2nd between the old and new meter.
Please see example of bill below that does include an old meter reading and a new meter reading with the changeout.

Another important note to make is the city gas rate. The gas rate changes each month based upon rates we receive from our supplier.
Last month gas rate: $9.25

February gas rate: $10.05

As always, if there are any concerns regarding your utility bill, we urge you to contact the city office at 217-438-6151 when you receive your bill. We are happy to discuss your concerns and answer questions and can do any rechecks on accounts just to make sure we have accurately captured the right consumption.