IDOT, Lyft offer free, sober rides during the holidays

IDOT, Lyft offer free, sober rides

in Macon County during holidays

Lyft program also continues through Jan. 1 in Sangamon County

SPRINGFIELD — If driving over the holidays is a necessity and you want to guarantee you

have a sober ride home, the Illinois Department of Transportation and local law enforcement today announced that an offer to obtain free Lyft ride credits is expanding to Macon County. While the public is urged to avoid unnecessary travel at this time due to the pandemic, $20 credits for Lyft will be available to help provide safe and sober travel options in Macon and Sangamon counties through Jan. 1 if travel is required.

“We are pleased to team up with Lyft to expand a safe option to drivers in Macon County as well as continuing the option in Sangamon County,” said Cynthia Watters, bureau Chief of IDOT’s Safety Programs and Engineering. “By providing an easy, accessible and judgement-free way for people to get home safely, this innovative partnership will help save lives.”

This is the third consecutive year Illinois has received a grant from Governors Highway Safety Association and Lyft to encourage drivers to get a sober ride during the holidays. This year, IDOT was granted $20,000 worth of $20 Lyft ride credits for use, which were initially offered to the public in Sangamon County but are now being extended to Macon County as well.  Lyft is requiring everyone in the vehicle to wear masks, with riders in the back seat and windows rolled down, if possible. Visit for more information.

“Throughout the holidays, the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office will re-double our efforts to keep impaired drivers off our roads – we’re doing it for one reason – to SAVE LIVES,” said Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell. “This partnership with Lyft offers a convenient – AND SOBER – ride home. It’s as easy as a couple clicks on your phone.”

The ride credits will be distributed via the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Illinois State Police District 9, Illinois State Police District 10, the Decatur Police Department, Macon County Sheriff’s Office, Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office, as well as other Sangamon County law enforcement agencies, including the Auburn Police Department, Chatham Police Department, Grandview Police Department, Leland Grove Police Department, Rochester Police Department, Southern View Police Department and Spaulding Police Department.

Motorists should follow or friend at least one of the following agencies and watch their feeds to access the ride code and credit.


  • Illinois State Police, District 9 – @ISPDistrict9
  • Illinois State Police, District 10 – @ISPDistrict10
  • Decatur Police Department – @decaturpolice
  • Macon County Sheriff’s Office – @MaconCo_Sheriff
  • Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office – @Sang_Sheriff
  • Rochester Police Department – @Rochester_IL_PD


  • Illinois State Police, District 9 –
  • Illinois State Police, District 10 –
  • Decatur Police Department –
  • Chatham Police Department –
  • Auburn Police Department –
  • Grandview Police Department –
  • Leland Grove Police Department –
  • Macon County Sheriff –
  • Spaulding Police Department –

The codes will be valid from Dec. 21 through Jan. 1, between 3 p.m. and 6 a.m., within Sangamon or Macon counties as well as just a few miles beyond. Use of these credits is limited to the first 1,000 redemptions or when a total of $20,000 in ride costs have been expended. Possession of the ride code does not guarantee availability of the credit. You must have the Lyft app and download the code to receive the $20 ride credit. Credits will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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