January City Utility Bills

The City of Auburn Utility Office has received concerns from residents pertaining to the utility bills received this month.  All questions can be directed to the office either via phone at 217-438-6151, via e-mail at, or in person during normal business hours of Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Just a reminder that the utility bills are a month in arrears.  The bills received this month and due by the end of the month is for December usage.

December was a colder month than we experienced last year and it is important to compare usage not just from the prior month, but from usage from a year ago at this time as well.  The National Weather Service average monthly temperature for December 2016 was 30.9 while December of 2015 was 42.4.

The city does not “estimate” readings on any utility account.  If a reading is not received or flagged for significantly low or higher than normal usage, we do recheck those accounts and attempt to make contact with the customer at the address being rechecked if we have a phone number on file.

We encourage residents to go online and register their utility account to see usage over time.  Office staff are available to assist customers in establishing their account online.

We welcome any and all concerns and will address each of them to provide additional details to residents.