Water Meter Change Out – Beginning Start of January

Dear Water Customer,

The Auburn City Council has approved a project that will effectively replace every water meter within the Auburn Water Department’s system.  There are several reasons why this is both necessary and advantageous to the department as well as to you the customer.  Over time, water meters become less and less accurate.  Many of the meters within our system are 20 to 30 years old.  The new system will provide a much greater level of detail in regards to water usage to our customers.  The new meters will automatically record and send data to a centralized collection point.  This not only provides for more efficient operations, but also provides notification of any sharp increases in water usage.  This will allow the City to notify a customer if there is a suspected leak in their home or business.

As a part of the project, the City will be purchasing and supplying new meters to replace every water meter within our system.  A contractor working for the City will be installing the new meters. This will include primarily all residential applications and most small businesses. The contractor providing the installation services for the City is MB Construction, LLC. 

Meter installation is scheduled to begin on or about January 1st and is expected to be complete within 1 to 3 months.  Representatives from MB Construction will be attempting to make contact with customers via knocking on doors, making phone calls, or leaving contact information at your door.  As a customer, it is your responsibility to cooperate and allow for this installation to occur.  All representatives of MB Construction should be wearing a hat or clothing with their insignia visible.  You will see a copy that insignia below.

MB Construction, LLC                                                                                                         Company Insignia:

If you have any questions or concerns throughout this project, please contact City Hall at (217) 438-6151 during business hours Monday-Friday 7:30am-4pm. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


TJ Henson

City of Auburn – Superintendent of Utilities